*First meeting should be just that … a meeting. If things go well all your options are open, if not, it’s polite to leave after 30 minutes.

A drink will calm the nerves but keep it to a 2 drink maximum.
Coffee or a workday lunch is also fine. Never make a movie your first date for obvious reasons & keep away from fast food chains if you want a second date. It’s always best if the man pays for the first meal but a lady should perhaps offer to pay for the wine.

*Don’t talk about your ex or past dates. If asked, answer briefly & with a positive slant. Don’t air your dirty laundry.

*Don’t speak about SCD its boring to your date & does not lend itself to romance. Find other commonalities.

*Look your best … clean, crisp & dressed appropriately.

*Gentlemen be a gentleman & bring your manners.

* Ladies be a lady.

*Be on time. No more than 15 minutes late is polite.

* Don’t talk endlessly about yourself. Ask questions & listen.

Conversation should be an even playing field.

*If you’re interested let the other person know at the end of the first date, whilst they’re in front of you. This way you can gage their reaction & body language & determine if you think the feelings really mutual.

* Always be honest in all your communication with your dates.

* Most of all be yourself and have fun!