Ladies been out on the singles scene lately ? Caught some ones eye across the room. Shared a dance, a conversation, a connection!

He seems interested , even keen , possibly a little slow to buy you a drink but still consistently not too far away throughout the night.

The evening draws to a close. You take it as a given he’ll want your number. Dinner, as a means to get to know each other ….. RIGHT ? WRONG !!!

Here’s a more likely scenario. He’ll slip you his number with a suggestion you give him a call “if you feel like getting together for a coffee or something ?”

Tell him you don’t call men you’ve just met and it won’t make any difference, he’ll just shrug and decide to stay out longer with the less complicated, vulnerable and intoxicated.

Its likely he plays this scene out 2 or 3 times a week. Working to a law of averages he’ll probably be successful on at least 1 occasion.

Its no longer unusual for a man to expect a female to pursue him & if you find yourself buying the drinks as well, don’t be surprised, he’ll knock them back but not the offer.

It’s commonly reiterated amongst men, that the most you do is take a woman out for a drink, to see if she’s worth taking out to dinner.

Unfortunately, to todays modern male …. woman have become disposable items & with the event of phone app’s similar to “Dial a Pizza” its possible to be on the phone one minute and in bed in 30.

Enter the Lothario, Bad Boy or Sociopath with motive.

These social predators are cleaning up.

With the obvious dissatisfaction & an over supply of single, attractive & valuable females, they are easily able to move in & fill the void.

The perfect man, wining, dining, calling, texting, gifting … at least in the beginning.

Perfectly attentive and perfectly adoring. Woman so starved of any decent attention they see no, hear no evil, despite the warnings of concerned family and friends.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of normally bright, intelligent woman being taken advantage of, control of or worse.

Take a moment to consider the fact that any man who joins a Direct Dating Service such as Sydney Confidential Dates, pays a decent fee to do so. More than the cost of a few drinks, a dinner or a monthly online dating tariff !

There has to be something in that.

It goes some way to restore ones faith in the old adage that nice guys do exist and they don’t always finish last … because we introduce them to you!

Kisses from Pillow Talk with Penelope !!


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Next week Penelope explores “ The Sisterhood ” , woman supporting woman & our responsibility in how we allow men to treat us.

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