What To Expect

Warm, caring, understanding staff who respect your right to privacy, are experienced, professional, discreet and easy to talk to.
Entry to SCD is via intercom. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a receptionist and shown through a locked premise to a private room. NO WAITING around in a crowded foyer full of people.

SCD WILL IDENTIFY you. At least 3 forms of identification will be required, one with your current address and date of birth. SCD DOES NOT release surnames or addresses to other members of SCD, this is purely for our own records, authenticity and your own security. SCD only releases contact details of your choosing & only once you have approved a match.

The Consultation generally begins as an informal coffee chat. We often let the client lead here, determining how much they wish to divulge about themselves, their relationship history, future desires for their personal life, what they are seeking in a future partner and what form that relationship might take. There are lots of options here friends, fun, strictly casual or definitely permanent.

As a mature adult you might not wish to share your personal space but still desire a committed relationship. You may be seeking marriage and children or simply a friend with benefits. Whatever the case, there is someone for everyone and very few requests we haven’t heard before or cannot meet. Together we will build a Personal Profile around yourself and your desired mate.

We also like to determine what you find physically attractive in a partner. As a visual guide, you will be shown Photo/Profiles of clients who have consented to having their photos viewed, in order to determine what you find attractive, or if there are any common threads in what you find attractive. We may even be able to select your first introduction together in this manner.

Your consultant will then explain all of your “Meeting Options” to you. Not necessarily all of SCD’s services will be available to you. Your consultant will advise you which of our options will best meet your needs according to your selectivity, frequency of introduction and other Personal Development Services discussed (see Our Meeting Options).

At this point you are under no obligation to proceed, although many do. The consultation has cost you $50, to be credited to your service should you proceed. You are now better equipped to make a decision as to whether you would like to share in the SCD Difference and become part of “Our Story”.